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St. Bernard High School strives to provide the highest quality educational programs at the lowest possible cost. We recognize and appreciate the financial sacrifices that families make to send their children to St. Bernard High School. We work very hard to control our expenses to ensure that we can provide a secondary Catholic education at an affordable tuition rate. St. Bernard’s tuition is one of the lowest among the fifty Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Paying for a Catholic education is an investment in your daughter or son’s future. St. Bernard affords merit, leadership scholarships and need-based funding grants that may help with the financing of your child’s education. The school is also generously supported with grants from the Catholic Education Foundation. Tuition grants are based on the evaluation of financial need of the family. The St. Bernard funding pool is limited and we regret that we cannot always meet the full financial need for tuition assistance of the applicants. Final selection of a recipient is based on need as well as evaluation of the student’s overall academic and personal strengths. All families requesting tuition assistance must submit an application through the FACTs tuition management service. Should a student be placed on Academic or Disciplinary Probation, he or she may become ineligible to retain their financial aid and scholarship.
Financial Aid

Friday, January 20, 2023:
Financial Assistance Application Deadline (merit and need-based)
1. SBHS Need-Based Financial Aid:  Available to all grade levels. The tuition assistance application for 2022-23  is a digital application only. Families must submit an online application through FACTS to qualify for any financial assistance. A confidential report will be sent to our office from which the level of tuition assistance available to your family will be determined. The FACTS process looks at the big picture of your finances to help assess an amount that your family is able to pay for tuition. Completed forms must be sent directly to FACTS. 
*All students who submit an application will be considered for a merit-based scholarship. 


  The St. Bernard school code for FACTS is 26282.

English Flyer * English Sample Application * English What To Expect

Spanish Flyer * Spanish Sample Application * Spanish What To Expect

If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at

1-866-441-4637, or online at

Please note: Applicants qualifying for admission and for need-based financial assistance outnumber those who can be supported by the financial aid budget. Therefore, choices must be made on the basis of individual merit. Although need is the first and absolute requirement for financial aid, the final selection of a recipient is based on an evaluation of the student’s overall academic performance. 

 2.  Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Award Program: 

The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) is an outside organization that provides funding to families desiring a Catholic education, but who fall within certain income guidelines that make affording tuition a challenge.  If you fall within the household income outlined on the attachment, PLEASE take the time to complete the pdf application on this page and be sure to provide all required documentation.  The directions to complete the application are also provided on this page.


The on-site application interviews for the 2023-24 school have not been announced yet. 



There are no applications for scholarships. If you would like your child to be considered to be a scholarship recipient, please check the appropriate box on your admissions application under the Financial Information section.

Doheny Merit Scholarship

Wayne & Diana Murdy Leadership Scholarship

Hannon Scholarship

Private Student Loans for K-12 Education

If your family does not qualify for need-based financial aid, you may wish to consider an outside lenders who provides K-12 student loans to qualifying individuals. Here are some of the leading lenders and special loan products that may provide a solution that’s right for your family. Please note that St. Bernard High School does not endorse any outside lending organization.

Your Tuition Solution offers a low fixed rate K-12 loan designed to help parents and legal guardians pay for private school tuition. Borrow the full cost of tuition up to $40,000 with flexible repayment terms from 24 to 84 months with no penalties for prepayment. There are no origination fees.