Performing Arts

St. Bernard High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Department (VAPA) gives all students an opportunity to experience visual art, theatre, music, and dance. Our curriculum, built around the California State Standards for the Arts, integrates both creative and critical inquiry, emphasizes artistic excellence, allows for interdisciplinary learning, and provides opportunities for student collaboration and creation. Students who participate in VAPA will gain practical and experiential training as well as knowledge of the broader cultural and theoretical contexts of visual art, theatre, dance, and music.

St. Bernard prides itself on a commitment to the arts and our alumni are professional directors, actors, dancers, designers, and other industry professionals.  The Visual Performing Arts (VPA) related classes offer an opportunity for students to discover and explore their skills and media techniques in drawing, painting, television production, video editing, on-camera experience, writing for television news, dramatic presentations, dance, and stagecraft (including lighting and set construction )for theatrical and television productions.