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Film & TV Academy

The Viking Film and TV Academy is a four-year program designed to give students passionate about the entertainment industry a cutting edge in the college admissions process, internships, and careers. 

The first year of this course focuses on an essential aspect of making films...storytelling! We start with the basics of screenwriting: idea generation, structure, exposition, scene propulsion, character building, dialogue and rewriting. Students create one original film and one television script logline, then workshop the ideas into a treatment (2-4 pgs.). The goal of the course is to successfully pitch their movies and TV shows to the group. The students accepted to the program will have an excellent opportunity to develop their artistic, critical literacy, and career skills, which will build a foundation for eventually sharpening their skills as film directors, cinematographers, editors, gaffers, grips, boom operators, sound designers, screenwriters, and production assistants.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  1. Describe the advantages of and recognize the opportunities in pursuing a career in entertainment.
  2. Translate their stories and ideas into loglines, then to treatments and eventually properly formatted screenplays.
  3. Build on a foundation that could help them become the next generation of animators, writers and filmmakers.
  4. Start building a portfolio of work that will help them get into elite film schools and develop a foundation of skills- looking, seeing, thinking, writing-that will benefit them throughout their careers.
  5. Use their knowledge of other subjects to effectively write television and film treatments and successfully “pitch” them.
  6. Differentiate themselves from others during the college application process even if they don’t choose a career path in the entertainment field. 
St. Bernard High School's Film & TV Academy has been featured in such publications as The Culver City Observer