Summer School

Summer School 2020
Check back soon for registration information and a schedule of classes being offered this summer!
*Reminder: Current SBHS students with credit deficiencies MUST take the course at St. Bernard High School if it is offered on our campus. At minimum, we will be offering Math, Religion, and English remediation courses. 
Last year we created, in response to parental feedback, the following elective courses for summer school: 
  • World Geography (9th/10th)
  • Financial Literacy (11th/12th)
  • College Writing (11th/12th)
  • STEM class touching on Algebra II, Chemistry, Physics, and Coding (11th/12th)
Unfortunately, we only had 3 sign-ups between these 4 classes last year! We want to be able to provide out students with elective opportunities to reinforce their academic interests and abilities. 
This summer, we will also be offering a PE/Health class to fulfill graduation requirements (kills two birds with one stone for non-athletes). We are also looking into the possibility of offering a summer reading class for all grade levels that would allow students to complete their summer reading in a classroom setting that would reinforce reading comprehension, analytical skills, and writing strategies.