Parent Advisory



The community is important to St. Bernard High School. Active participation and collaboration between Parents, Faculty, and Staff are critical to the success of our innovative learning environment that nurtures every student. The Parent Advisory (PA) promotes and helps to advance the welfare of St. Bernard High School while coordinating volunteer fundraising activities. All parents and guardians of St. Bernard High School students are members and we encourage you to attend the monthly PA meetings and events throughout the year.  

To contact a PA Officer or share ideas and feedback, please send an email to [email protected]   

Our Goals

  • Keep St. Bernard High School parents informed of current activities and events

  • Listen to parental concerns and support new ideas

  • Engage in fundraising efforts to enhance the student experience

  • Encourage parents to get involved in service opportunities


Each family is required to complete 25 service hours during the school year. Your service hours can be completed by volunteering your time at various school events or by donating goods. All parent hours must be done at SBHS to benefit SBHS. To identify convenient ways to serve, review a list of events on the St. Bernard’s page. No login or account creation is necessary. Simply confirm your email address and start choosing your volunteer spots! Using allows us to manage the fulfillment of volunteer spots and your pledge to donate items. After you serve your hours please create an account with MobileServe and log your hours in there for credit. Instructions on how to set up a MobileServe account are below. 

Here is a list of some of the PA-sponsored events throughout the year:

  • Garden Beautification Day
  • Open House
  • Fall Festival
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
  • Student Appreciation Days

MobileServe is SBHS Parent Advisory service hour tracking system. It’s currently accessible from any Internet connected device via , and is currently available on the App store. To receive credit for your service hours you must download the MobileServe app and the event chairperson will approve your self-reported hours.

Please complete the following steps to start tracking your hours!

  1. Click this link:
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter your name, birthdate, St. Bernard High School, your email address and a password of your choosing. Please note: only one email address per family may be registered. Both parents must use the same MobileServe account regardless of marital status. Families with students in multiple grades need only one account.
  4. Upload your profile picture.
  5. Enter the organizational code - 9937F5
     to affiliate with the SBHS Parent Advisory.
  6. Find us on the App Store!
  7. Start volunteering and sharing your story!

Service verification requires your supervisor's signature or email address and a picture of the receipt for any purchased goods.

$20 of donated goods = 1 service hour.

Please remember, SBHS cannot update or make corrections to your service hours. It is up to each parent to accurately input your service hours.

Please note, each family must complete 25 hours by May 1 or your FACTS account will be charged $25 per unserved hour.

If you would like to clear your annual service hour obligation immediately, contact the Business Manager, Ms. Christian Teodoro, at [email protected] to make a one-time payment.



I couldn’t have asked for a better high school experience for my son.  He is flourishing in academics, student leadership, sports (cross country and track and field) and campus ministry. His enthusiasm and passion for St. Bernard’s led me to be more involved with the aren’t association and I am even exceeding the hours needed for parent volunteer hours. Go Vikings!
Mrs. Yvette Bentley, Parent '19

As an alum, I enjoy / love / desire … I love the fact that my son, Darren Walker (Class of 2015), is able to go there and receive a quality education.  While it is much smaller than when I attended 1988-1992, I truly value the small class size and personal 1:1 attention that he is receiving.
Tracie N. Hunter, Parent ’15.  Tracie N. Matthews, Class of 1992
These links can be used to assist you in getting connected. If you are looking for carpool support or are willing to help carpool students to/from school, please complete the Carpool Request Form and  PA will work to connect you. Many of us have hidden talents and specialized interests. The donation of your time is important to us having a successful year. Completing the Parent Volunteer Interest Finder allows us the opportunity to connect you with the best ways to utilize your talents.  
Below are some quick access buttons that will direct you to details on various school information.
  • Use the "" button to see a current list of service opportunities. 
  • Use the "Aeries SIS" button to access student grades and teacher comments
  • Use the "Student/Parent Handbook" to access information on school rules
  • Use the "FACTS" button to set up your parent account for tuition and fees
  • Use the "MobileServe" button to set up your account and log all service hours