Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have.

What are the benefits of a small school?

  • You get to be a big fish in a small pond! We offer a very warm, and nurturing environment to our students. 
  • At St. Bernard you will lead as a freshman. You will not have to wait your turn to build your legacy as a Viking! 
  • There are several leadership opportunities available at Bt. Bernard High School. Any student who is motivated and committed can lead a club, run for student government, or become team captain.
  • 20:1 is the student/teacher ratio.

How do students get involved in school? In what ways are students able to participate?

  • We have a very active student body with over 75% participating in co-curricular activities, such as ASB, dance and athletics.

  • We offer 15 Co-curricular activities and 14 Varsity athletic teams.

  • St. Bernard High school students no longer have to choose between leadership and athletics; our blocked schedule allows for our Vikings to be a part of the numerous clubs and organizations on campus while also participating in after school arts and athletic programs.

How many students go to college?

  • 96% of graduates attend a Four-year College or University
  • College acceptance including to the highly competitive universities:
  • Dartmouth University
  • Howard University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of Southern California
  • St. Bernard High School offers college counseling curriculum from 9th through 12th grade for parents and students. 
Do you have a strong athletics program at SBHS?

  • Yes, our coaches and staff come from the top of their field. Many are veterans in their field and former college players. 
  • Our coaches bring not only their skill but their life experiences, love of their trade and a true moral compass that drives each of them to deliver the best program to St. Bernard High School. 
How is St. Bernard committed to students and excellent teaching?

  • Facilities were re-designed with the students in mind – each space is designed with student comfort and to create an optimal learning environment

  • The block schedule (70-minute classes) pushes teachers to make learning interactive and engaging for students.  Studies show with the increased span of teaching time, longer cooperative learning activities can be completed in one class period
  • Over 65% of our faculty holds a Master’s Degree. 
What is the quality of life like on campus?

  • $1,000,000 in recent renovations including: New Hannon College Center, Library, Student Union, Main Office, and 3 renovated science labs and lecture hall.
  • Hours 7:30 am – 5:00 pm – offers the opportunity for students to complete homework, meet with teachers, and see a counselor all in the school day.  Going home simply means eating dinner with the family, having a little homework, and getting a good night’s rest

  • We are 1 mile from the beach with ample opportunity to catch a peak at the ocean out of our newly remodeled library
  • Great location for families who live 1 – 10 miles away.  We are an easily accessible 13 acre campus, with close proximity to major highways, freeways and bus lines.
How many Honors and AP coursed do you offer?
  • St. Bernard presents a unique curriculum that offers a challenge to even the most brilliant student. We offer 12 Honors/AP courses
  • Our graduates are qualified to enter all major Colleges and Universities. We provide a robust college readiness curriculum
  • Offering an average class size of 20 students allows for a distinct learning environment yielding to the ideals of community, responsibility and knowledge
  • In addition, as a member of LMU Family of Schools, we have access to on campus tutors before and after school to supplement the academic experience
What does it mean that you have a partnership with LMU through the LMU Family of Schools?

  • College admissions resources are available for juniors and seniors
  • Students meet with Professors and admissions counselors regarding application and essay writing
  • Financial aid workshops for parents and college-readiness programs for students
  • Professional development is available for our teachers such as grant writing and literacy
  • In-class guest-lecturers (e.g. Faculty from LMU to speak to your students)
  • After-school or before-school programs for your students (e.g. After-School Literacy Enhancement Programs), LMU campus visits for your students (e.g. Lion for a Day) and retreats
Do I have to be Catholic to attend St. Bernard?
  • No, while 52% of the students are of the Catholic Faith, 48% are of other religious backgrounds
  • All Religious affiliations are welcomed, embraced, and contribute to great discussions in religion class
  • We are blessed and inclusive of other traditions thus adding to greater discussions on campus and in the classroom setting
  • We have a robust Campus Ministry program where over 20% of our student body is involved in the program