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Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. Bernard High School is dedicated to helping students find their passion and develop that passion through curricular, co-curricular, and Christian Service experiences as we prepare them for heaven, college, and career. 


In harmony with the school’s mission, the philosophy of St. Bernard Catholic High School is driven by the message of Jesus Christ and the mission of the Roman Catholic Church. We recognize parents as the primary educators of their children and understand that our role is to assist parents in accomplishing this task by acting as facilitators to the learning and personal growth of the child. We strive to equip students with the skills they need to live faith-filled, dynamic, honorable and productive lives in the image of Christ.

Vision Statement

In a global society where values and a sense of community are being challenged daily, it has never been more imperative to educate our youth to be the future leaders, inventors, professionals, creators, and philanthropists of the 21st century. St. Bernard Catholic High School is moving to the forefront of education as it takes its place as a highly competitive, multicultural, and God-valued institution of learning. St. Bernard Catholic High School will be the school of choice for Catholic students in the Los Angeles area by providing a complete educational experience immersed in the Catholic tradition and excelling in both academic and co-curricular programs. Students graduating from the school will have the motivation and expertise necessary to pursue their aspirations for higher learning and lead lives as faith-filled and responsible citizens.


St. Bernard High School is a co-ed Archdiocesan Catholic high school, located just 1 mile from the coast in beautiful Playa del Rey. St. Bernard has a student population drawn from our neighboring cities including Westchester, Culver City, Venice, Inglewood, Torrance, and Manhattan Beach. We pride ourselves in our culturally diverse student body. This rich and dynamic community enables our students to gain knowledge not only from their instructors but from their peers as well. St. Bernard is 1 of 2 high schools in Los Angeles that are proud members of the LMU Family of Schools. LMU offers an abundance of resources to our Vikings and their families to ensure the road to success is paved with many blessings.