Viking Fund

A Message From the Executive Director
At the end of November, 2019, I published an outline of the St. Bernard High School action plan. The plan was developed over 18 months with the input of each of our stakeholder groups - administration, faculty, students, parents, alumni, supporters, and friends. We believe the goal of standing out as one of the best high schools in Los Angeles can and will be realized through the execution of our action plan. Our future holds a number of outstanding destinations and I feel we now have an adequate roadmap to get us there.
Stand with us.

The journey has already begun.  Our football field is currently under construction, our classroom renovations will start over the Winter break and the steps needed to improve our technology are under way.  These are exciting, but more importantly defining times. We are asking everyone in our St. Bernard High School community to give tribute to our past while helping to ensure our future by committing what you can to the SBHS Viking Fund Campaign.  This campaign is specific to our action plan and our drive to provide the St. Bernard family with the absolute best opportunities available. These funds will go immediately to towards the implementation of our action plan.

Join our voyage.

Please consider pledging what you can to our future. Let us walk this exhilarating path together.
Carter Paysinger
Executive Director

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Thank you for your gift!
Gifts made to the Viking Fund will go immediately to actualize our action plan and fulfill our goal of standing out as one of the best high schools in Los Angeles.
Do you have access to resources that can help further our action plan? Contact the Advancement Office to learn how you can help.