A Makerspace is a place where students can create and make things that connect with learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). We are in our building phases of a new Makerspace where students can create for any and all their classes. While we have many materials to start, we welcome any clean, company overruns, up-cycled products such as: beads, paper, feathers, felt, pipe cleaners, dowels, stickers, jewels, markers, crayons, foam, thread, sticks, discs, plastic coins, duct tape, pom poms, yarn, rope, corks, skewers, cardboard tubes, lids, trays, boxes, slides, CDs, egg cartons, paperboard boxes, diskettes, wallpaper, soap, DVD cases, PVC pipe, game pieces, locking boxes, party decorations, bicycle wheel inner tubes, dustcovers, computer cables, cardboard, blank books, office organizers, fan blades, screws, shipping tubes, fabric samples, wood offcuts, trophy figurines, ball bearings, mylar sheets, tile, springs, tennis balls, rings, wire, pumps, end caps, wire spools, lumber, plywood, wood scraps (no paint or varnish), bamboo, pipe, rope, casters, pulleys, hooks, wood screws, corks, bottle caps, lids, cardboard tubes, keys, coins, #6 plastic, berry baskets, inner tubes, reusable shopping bags, pipe cleaners, fake flowers, wire, buttons, mechanized stuffed animals, small plastic toys, cars, wooden toys of any kind, balls of any size or material, tape, glue, hot glue sticks, paper clips, rubber bands, crayons and working markers. 
Thank you for making sure all items are clean, safe and in good working condition.