Academic Counseling

Mission Statement
The Counseling Team is dedicated to nurturing and fostering the intellectual, spiritual and emotional attributes found in each of our students. Our office maintains an open door policy as students are made to feel both welcomed and treasured. It is our goal to assist all students in recognizing their individual talents as they progress toward their collegiate years and emerge as well-rounded young adults who add to the intellectual, social and philanthropic aspects of our society.
Freshman and Sophomore students: Ms. Lillie: 
Juniors and Seniors: Ms. Adams: 
Director of College Counseling: Ms. Adams
You are welcome to make an appointment to see your academic counselor via email. You can also drop by before school, after school, during lunch and office hours. Counselors may also request for students during the school day. 
The academic counselors are happy to meet with you; however, it is preferred that you have an appointment.  All counselors schedule their own appointments via email.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Thank you!
Academic Probation
Anyone with a D or F by mid-quarter is placed automatically on Academic Probation. 
To participate in sports or activities, a student must have a 2.0 or above. At the semester, anyone who is below a 2.0 may not participate in any sports or activities. Status is reviewed after each quarter.