School Profile


St. Bernard High School is a co-ed Archdiocesan Catholic high school, located just 1 mile from the coast in beautiful Playa del Rey. St. Bernard has a student population drawn from our neighboring cities including Westchester, Culver City, Venice, Inglewood, Torrance, and Manhattan Beach. We pride ourselves in our culturally diverse student body and foster the unique vibe it brings to our campus. This rich and dynamic community enables our students to gain knowledge not only from their instructors but from their peers as well. St. Bernard is 1 of 2 high schools in Los Angeles that are proud members of the LMU family of schools. LMU offers an abundance of resources to our Vikings and their families to ensure the road to success is paved with many blessings.


St. Bernard presents a unique curriculum that offers a challenge to even the most brilliant student. Our graduates are qualified to enter all major colleges and universities. St. Bernard employs top-notch instructors who are passionate about their field with a degree and/or a credential in their specific subject area. Our faculty find potential in all students and is committed to push him or her to their optimum level of success. Having an average class size of 20 students allows for a distinct learning environment yielding to the ideals of community, responsibility and knowledge. After our million-dollar makeover, St. Bernard is proud to offer, three newly renovated science labs, a stylish new library, comfy student union and a brimming new college center! These resources have been added and upgraded to supplement the entire academic experience for the bright Bernard student.

At St. Bernard you get to be a big fish in a small pond. In conjunction with our mission to prepare our students to be among the most competitive college applicants, our students are given every opportunity to develop and cultivate the leader within. Bernard students no longer have to choose between leadership and athletics; our unique daily schedule allows for our Vikings to be a part of the numerous clubs and organizations on campus while also participating in after school arts and athletic programs. Tuesday-Thursday between the hours of 2 pm-3 pm you will find students writing up on the latest school news, preparing for Mock Trial, making spirit posters, or meeting with teachers.

After School Arts and Athletics

3 pm kicks off the part of the day dedicated to the arts and athletics. Our coaches and instructors come from the top of their fields and bring not only their skill, but their life experiences, love of their trade and a true moral compass that drives each of them to deliver the best program in Los Angeles.